4850 3dmark Vantage Artifacts

Hey i just noticed this issue about my graphics cards. I have two asus 4850s crossfired with fan speed at 80 percent both. I can play every game out right now at full max settings without any artifacts. Why is it that when i run 3dmark vantage at extreme and everything turned up i get artifacts on the water in the first test but no games give me artifacts, my process is at 3.6ghz and 950watt psu.

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  1. first, you want to see the temps of the GPU's under the load of vantage, if its fine, then just uninstall/reinstall vantage and try it again for it could just be a small file coruption that isn't bad enough to stop the test
  2. I'm getting the same problem with 2 4890's and I've tested it out and this only happens under crossfire mode. its most likely caused by lack of support for ATi crossfire by 3D mark? The same thing happens in crysis till the latest patch came out. hopefully ATi comes out with a fix so this type of thing stops happening, they did manage to fix the the 8th gen CCC random line glitch after all ;)
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