Can't Boot OS or Enter Safe Mode

Help! Son (currently bound and gagged spinning from ceiling fan j/k) downloaded a torrent program and my custom system died almost instantly, no problems at all prior.

Running XP SP2, Asus K8V SE Deluxe mobo, Seagate 7200.10 Barracuda SATA drive. I have the RAID controllers on a floppy diskette.

Normally to fix this system I have always been able to install the original Windows CD and RAID Controllers and go from there. This is not working, it's freezing up, sometimes it demands a missing or corrupt system file, other times it says there is no hard drive.

I am unable to get it into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with command prompt, and going into BIOS and forcing boot from the Windows CD is not working, I get the windows screen claiming it's installing Windows and then it freezes up.

Also of note, the wireless keyboard and mouse fell off, I can't get either to work. I CAN get a wired keyboard to work but not a wired mouse.

I'm wondering if the virus has fried the HDD and damaged the mobo? Is there some way to get this hard drive wiped and restored? There are so many utility download suggestions I am not sure what to use, especially if it won't recognize the hard drive?

I DO have access to another computer, flash drive, portable hard drives, burners, so if there is a fix out there that can get me to a dos prompt that will let me re-format the drive? There's no updates available for BIOS from the manufacturer the updates are older than the current BIOS setup.
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  1. Okay thanks anyways I got it working.

    Disconnected the hard drive and plugged it back in to an alternate power plug and sata cable connector, flashed the BIOS and that seems to have done the trick, the system is installing Windows properly now.

    I suppose I should untie the son from the ceiling fan ... or maybe let him sweat for a while longer thinking he's blown up a $4k custom system lol
  2. Thanks for posting the answer ... and yeah ... I'd let him sweat a bit more :)
  3. The fan is on High Speed... right? No sense in letting him have fun while he's up there.

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