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Hello everyone I have a simple question that I have been trying to research on google, but I haven't been able to get a clear answer. My E8500 c0 (3.16ghz stock) Wolfdale is overclocked to 3.94 ghz and I ran prime 95 for an hour just to test for temperatures, speedfan and cpu-z hardware monitor both read 71C (Max) CPU temp, but my core temps never went above 54C in both programs. Am I good with the 71C? Core Temp says it can go up to 100C for t.j. max, so 71C is good or is that the other value that this 100C is referring to? Are the values somehow swapped? Core Temp gives me the same core temps that never go above 54C, but core temp doesn't show my CPU temp. What I'm basically getting at is, is this temperature too hot, I've read 72.4C is the maximum, but I'm not sure if that's talking about core temps (if it is then I should be fine at 54C)? My system specs are in my public profile, if anyone has some expert knowledge on this please inform me. ;) Thank you!
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  1. Anyone able to help me?
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    Likely a mislabel on the "CPU" one. I can't see the CPU being higher than the core value. Besides, the core is the temperature of the actual core. So I would hazard a guess at you being fine. If in real doubt, feel your heatsink while running prime95 and see if it feels too hot. Sorry I can't help anymore.
  3. Yeah, the heatsink is massive, but when I touch the fins, it's completely cool. Hopefully it's fine. I wonder why that temperature is higher though, and what that temperature is actually reading (or if it's even important?)
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