Setting up external drive for main storage?

I got a laptop from my sister not to long ago and it only had like 75gbs on it, so I got my 500gb external
WD Box hooked up to it. What I couldn't seem to configure was setting it up as my main storage.

I know how to store photos music and stuff like that, but I wanted things like the programs and new downloads
to all go to it. I haven't ever done this before so I figured I would ask for a little help.
I haven't tried anything yet but my first guess to where to do it would be in the bios, but I am not 100% sure.
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  1. If you want to use the external hdd for storage and data traffic you must format it NTFS. Then you have to go to "device manager"-> disk drives, then select the external hdd, right click on it -> properties -> policies. Here you have to select the "optimize for performance" option, so it could work faster. I don't recommend to download files directly on the external hdd. Use the internal for this operation and then copy to external.
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