I need a Windows 7/64 NAS/Server for home/office ...

I need help selecting a Windows 7 64bit compatible Network Attached Storage (NAS) / Server for my home-office to support 5 computers and 3 printers. The device should provide the following capabilities:

-- Windows 7 Professional 64bit compatible
-- Primary data storage for large CAD 3D and GIS files
-- Primary backup for data storage
-- Fast local area network access to all file types
-- Remote Internet access so I/others can access (upload/download) files
-- FTP server access via FTP client
-- Print server (nice but not needed)
-- Secure access for both local and remote users
-- Quiet
-- Easy to use

Most of my computers use SSDs as their main internal storage device (OS, apps and active data). Data that is not active will be stored on the NAS/Server and moved to one of the SSDs for processing. When processing has been completed, like at the end of the day (or week in some cases), it will be moved back to the NAS/Server.

I plan to provide two forms of backup:

(1) I will save an image of each SSD on a weekly basis and store it on an hard drive with a form factor compatible with the SSD so it could be used to instantly replace the respective SSD should it fail.

(2) I will backup the data stored on th NAS/Server on an as needed basis to a separate hard drive (or hard drive array) which I will only connect to the NAS/Server during backup. This backup drive/array will be stored in a fireproof safe when not in use.

I currently need to store/secure 2TB of data. This could grow to 4TB over the next two or three years.

While I understand the features of Raid 0,1,5 ... I am a novice re servers, remote storage, and networking. So all of this will need to be pretty simple from an admin point of view.

Your suggests, comments, recommendations would be most welcomed.
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  1. Lots of issues there rolled up into 1...

    do you want to build or buy? Budget?
    Have you considered a Windows Server version of the OS, vs Win 7 pro?
  2. I want to buy. Budget is between $500 and $1000. I have not considered Windows Server. I do not want to spend a lot of time acting as a sys-admin. I currently considering: Buffalo LinkStation Quad and QNAP TS-410, both are in the $500 category. Would pay more if better and easier to use.
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