GTX 260 core 216 max performance help

I am trying to get my GTX260 core 216 to get max performance. Not sure if i have to change things myself to do so, I just popped it in and downloaded latest drivers and left it alone. In my EVGA precision tool it is showing me, core clock 626, shader clock 1350, memory clock 1053, fan speed nothing. Should these be better then what to default is set at? I feel like I am not getting everything out of this card that I should be. Thanks for all the help all.
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  1. if you want max peformace cool it as good as possible

    each card is unquie to what you squeeze out of the ram/gpu

    why bother? if its for fun then mess with it. if you want to squeeze more out the card you most likely get better stablity with minor oc

    oc a video card gives little benfit unless it a detuned card like the 4830
  2. so it just being stock, it is not shorting me of any performance
  3. Not really, no. What CPU are you running?
  4. i7 920
  5. You should be fine then - no serious bottlenecks there.
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