Overclocking p4 2.4ghz

I am a newbie at o'clocking so can anyone please tell me what PLL am I using?I have a P4 2.4Ghz has a multiplier of 18X , has a bus speed 133.3 mhz & rated FSB 533.3 mhz.I am using a motherboard VIA p4m800 & model no pvm4 1.0.I have wasted months and I am getting desperate.Can anyone please help?
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  1. Look on your motherboard with a magnifying glass. look near the CPU, you should see an oblong crystal (rounded sides, metallic looking chip) about 1cm long. It will have the number 14.3xxx MHz beside it. Near that chip, you'll see a small IC. Look at it very closely. It should have a manufacturer tag or imprint and a series of numbers or alphanumeric codes -- this is your PLL.
  2. Do I have to remove the heat sink??
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