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Hello, i was using my flash drive yesterday and it suddenly popped up saying that it was unreadable. I had already opened a document on the flash a few minutes before so it was readable up until then. Is there any way to get back the documents on the flash or does it need to be rebooted?
I was outside when it stopped working.. would the heat have fried the flash drive? I always "eject" it before removing the drive from the computer so I don't know why it stopped.
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  1. This is a USB flash drive plugged into a USB port on the computer, right?

    It's possible that the connection was just a little intermittent. I'd shut down the computer (full shut-down, not just "sleep"), remove the flash drive, start the computer back up again, and re-insert the flash drive to see if it's readable.
  2. I just tried shutting down and I tried plugging into another computer as well and nothing seems to be working.
  3. I doubt that any heat you could stand would have fried the drive. But if it's not working in another computer either then it may be a write-off...
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