Nothing on Windows XP desktop showing trojan horse virus

My AVG 2011 found Trojan Horse xl or jxl during scanning and I received notofications about threat blocked but computer was frozen and when I restarted, scanned but could not delete the Trojan horse infected files. From 8, it becomes 12 infected files. I unpligged internet cable but things becomes worse. Now computer showing some partitions when I try to use safe mode of any kind so I canonot use Safe mode. Desktop is empty, no icon or taskbar.

What should I do? Should I try taking out the hard drive put it in another computer to save data first and then reinstall Windows XP SP3. OR there is another way to fix it. Anyone please help I have important data in it.
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  1. If you have a xp disk you can try automated system recovery

    (Boot from xp disk and after you press F8 and it finds an installation of XP it will ask you if you want to attempt recovery)

    Then boot safe mode and run malwarebytes.
    After a virus scan in safe mode always run again in normal mode.

    You could also try something like the ultimate book disk for windows.
    With this you can boot a "mini" XP and check for virus.
  2. Hello,
    First try to restore your computer maybe it will remove that trojan horse otherwise if your anti-virus is not doing anything then i think format is the only option for you.

    good luck!!

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