TR3X6G1600C8D on p6t v2

Hey guys i have a Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D kit running at xmp settings but at manual mode on my motherboard.
i have minor OC on my cpu bclk= 160 with auto CPU voltage, and auto everything except for dram volt , and qpi/dram core volt
My ram is running on these settings
timing 8-8-8-24 T2 1604 mhz or something like that

Dram volt 1.64
Qpi 1.35v

My two questions are , can i change my command rate to T1 from T2 and lower my i qpi/dram core volt below 1.35v and be stable , i was told that you want that no less of a 0.5 v difference from the two.

Is it true when you lower your qpi/dram volt that your cpu temps can go down ?
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  1. any info guys ??
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