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Hi everyone,

I recently bought Arma 2 but I can't get my computer to read the disc. Everytime I put it into the drive it wirrs but then nothing else. When I click on the drive it opens my disc drive and says "Please insert a disc into drive d:". All my other discs are working such as COD MW2 and DVD Movies so it's not the drive. I tested the disc on my mum's laptop and it worked so it's not the disc. I've even uninstalled the drive and updated it's firmware. Does anyone have a clue what to do?
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  1. Send it back for swap. Sorry for this useless post, I wouldn't know any other way.
  2. It’s a fact of life that some discs don’t work with some drives, you can return the disc but the chances are that the replacement won’t work either. In my computer I have two drives so that if I have trouble reading a disc in one drive it will probably read ok on the other drive. Check to see if there is a firmware upgrade for your current drive, also consider fitting another drive in your computer of a different make to your current drive.
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