Problem with using ide and sata hdds

so i have a sata hdd and a ide hardrive, and im wanting to use the ide harddrive for some extra space. whenever i hook it up and go into bios to turn on the pata controller and save/exit and restart i get past the mobo screen, it goes to a black screen with some text saying that it recognizes the ide harddrive( for whatever reason ) then goes to a black screen, which will normally pop up with windows xp loading bar.

but with the ide harddrive it just sits at the black screen indefinitely :?

the ide harddrive will show up in my harddrive list in the bios and i have boot order set to sata drive then second one disabled. the ide drive is the only ide device connected to the computer and the jumper is set to master.

iv tried changing the sata drive from ide channel to ahci . and the ide hdd to ahci(dunno why that would do anything but i tried everything)

honestly cant think of anything other than buying another sata drive which i dont wanna do
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  1. That is a strange issue. Perhaps it is a BIOS issue. Do you know if you have the latest BIOS version for your motherboard installed? If not, try updating the BIOS and see if that solves the issue.
  2. do you have a different ide cable to swap out... it's at the end of the cable correct?
  3. If your SATA drive was originally installed with its port mode set to IDE (or PATA) Emulation, I'm not sure you can change now to AHCI mode on its port. I have never heard of setting AHCI mode on a true IDE port.

    Just in case you're the victim of confusing labeling, check for this. Some systems, when you set their SATA ports to use IDE mode, will call the actual SATA drive an IDE drive acting as a Master on IDE ports numbered 2 or 3 or higher. In truth there really are only two IDE ports (max) on most mobo's - Channels 0 and 1, but some call then 1 and 2), and any "IDE Master" on a port with a higher number is really a SATA drive. So with both drives mounted in your system and set to IDE port mode, THEN look closely at the Boot Priority Sequence. Make sure the SATA drive, however it is labeled, is the one it boots from, and the actual IDE drive is NOT in the list.
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