I fukin did it guys

I bit the bullet today and as I returned the low profile 9500 gt and started pondering over things like such as if I have a low profile really or not since the 9800 pro fit I came up with a brilliant idea. Rather than cosntantly getting stuff online cause its cheaper off newegg I decided I cane asily experiment on bestbuy and just return stuff if it dont work. So what I did was bought a 650 watt psu and the 9600 gt ddr3 regular (not low profile), and I figured if this power supply wont handle it none will (it has like 3 12v 15 amp rails not just two). And so I noticed the 9600 gt's huge size and how small my mobo is compared to it but I got it to slip in perfectly. I than decided to give the psu a go and realized it actually is the same size and fits as the old one. I than put all the plugs in except for the main long one but I realized after a while that the reason it wasnt going in was because I was putting it in a different connector that is used for something else and slimmer. I than, foun d a way and it has so many plugs there is literally no breating room in this little case not even meant for gaming lol. Anyway, it wouldnt turn on but I hit the switch on it and it turne dona fter that and whalla. I installed a psu and a video card in like 25 minutes that would have probably cost me over 130 bucks just for the labor at best buy and now know how to do it. I al;ways didnt have confidence in myself that ill be able to do it or itll always work due to constant dissapointments. I installed the PNY drivers of the 9600 gt off the cd and it also shows up now in device manager. Can you guys recomment me some super bad ass drivers? I also have a 5.0 score now on vista and had a 3.0 before.

The only problem is I paid like 90 bucks for this psu and if I knew it isnt an oem or that all work on this system I could have saved like 50 bucks and be using a newegg one right now. But Im too lazy and paranoid to return it and order a newegg. Too many things could go wrong again.
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  1. oh and I paid 115 bucks in best buy for a 9600 gt. Knowing it fits should I return it and get a 8800 gt off newegg for same price if not cheaper?
  2. WTF is your point? yes an 8800gt is way better, um your drunken rambling is just pointless. Figure out what you want to say while your sober, and maybe we can help you.
  3. so how come price sof the 9600gt havent gone down at all hardly over months and the 8800gt is way down than?
  4. Deciding to buy via watching the prices is good if you're a stock speculator but for vid cards its best to check benchmarks to help decide what is good for what you need.

    I have a Matrox 220mx for $800 if you're interested. I haven't changed my selling price for 4 years so its better than both of those cards :)
  5. Is the 8800gt bigger than the 9600gt? harder to fit in a case? The 9600gt is almsot too big for my case/mobo.
  6. *sigh*
  7. fergie said:

    quoted for truth...
  8. what about the 9800 gt is it better than the 88gt and is it roughly the same length as the 9600gt?
  9. Pershing121 said:
    what about the 9800 gt is it better than the 88gt and is it roughly the same length as the 9600gt?

    Alright, I'll answer just to keep this thread from getting any longer. The 9800GT and 8800GT are the same card. Nvidia has been renaming several of their older cards in order to create the illusion that they are actually releasing new products. The 9800GT/8800GT are usually about 1/2" longer than the 9600GT (~9.5" vs ~ 9") but this can vary depending on the brand.

    You could have easily determined this yourself if you had taken the time to actually look at some of the product descriptions of the cards.
  10. well whi8ch brand can I get than? MY 9600 gt is a PNY and it barely fits. ALso is it worth getting it or would it not help considering I have an amd 64 x2 only 4600+?
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