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I have a Phenom II 925 w/ Biostar TA790GX A3+ mobo. However, I tried overclocking but I can't get anything past 240 fsb stable. Im currently running on 240 stable w 1.41vcore and 1.41NB. Please help. I have a Coolermaster V8 cooler, ATI HD5770, and Patriot 2X 1GB DDR3 PC3-10666 1333mhz with 9-9-9-24.
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  1. As with any Overclocking discussion, all suggestions are just that, with no gauruntee of safety or longevity of your parts, and I take no responsibility for any unintended negative effects. Of course, I am completely open to taking the credit if anything said helps you with your situation. :D

    Are you adjusting your memory multiplier to be sure that you are not also applying the same 20% overclock to your memory? If you haven't touched the memory multiplier, it is probably running at about 1600mhz, and if the memory isn't rated for this speed, or if it is but requires more volts, you will encounter big issues with stability.

    In case you weren't aware (since you didn't say one way or the other) your FSB affects not only your CPU speed, but also your memory, NB and HT link through their own multipliers.

    NB is usually just a normal multiplier (stock at x10 most likely), while HT link is often read in the bios at the speed it would be running with 200FSB (2.0ghz). Adjust both of those multipliers by dropping them. 8x NB and 1.6ghz for the HT should put you right near the stock values of 2ghz each with a 240 fsb.

    If you were already aware of these details, accept my apologies. You could also try loosening (increase numerically) your memory timings and/or raising the voltage a bit in case it is your memory that is holding you back.
  2. My bios doesn't allow me to change the HT multiplier, so I have to manually set it to 200fsb. I tried that but still can't get it stable. Tried increasing the voltage slightly because I didn't want to fry anything. Still doesn't work. I can only change the HT multiplier through Amd overdrive. Tried using AOD but system hangs when I try anything above 240. Do you think that my memory sticks are holding me back?
  3. Have you lowered the memory to 1066 settings (x5.33)? This would make the memory run at effectively 1280mhz or so with 240fsb, well within it's 1333mhz rating.

    Can you perhaps take a picture of your bios? The companies have different names for stuff, and sometimes just knowing what you are looking at can help break down these sort of barriiers, heh.
  4. Tried lowering the memory to 1066, and even tried 800 but still cant get stable past 240. Even tried upping the Vcore / NB voltages, but still no luck. System will post to windows, but will reset after about 30 seconds of booting up. A glimmer of hope, but still trying to figure it out.

    How do you take a picture of the bios? Tried prnt screen but doesn't work. My bios is pretty decent, but lacks some abilities to overclock, but its a pretty decent bios considering that I don't have a BE PhenomII.
  5. Use a digital camera, heh, prt scr is a windows function.
  6. LOL. Well I guess i gotta whip out the old digi.

    You think getting some better memory sticks, like a DDR3 rated at 1600mhz would help solve the issue?
  7. Only if memory is the issue, hah. It is hard to know without having all the data in hand.
  8. So I started doing some more research and downloaded an update for my bios which fixed the HT issue with my mobo when OCing. I got the fsb up to 264 x 14 so now im at 3.7ghz. My NB multiplier is set at 5x so Im at 1000mhz HT. My DRAM timing is set to 800mhz at 7-7-7-19. Running at 1.54 volts for CPU-vcore. So far so good. Running Prime95 as I am typing this and so far im at 52C on full load with a system temp of 30C. Tell me what u think so far.

    One more thing. I noticed that my bios has an option for Vcore voltage/ CPU-NB voltage. Which one do I need to change? I changed both so far. My NB voltage is set to 1.38V and CPU vcore at 1.54, but it seems to be holding steady so far with temps fairly stable as well. Thinking about setting the CPU-NB voltage back to "auto" just to be on the safe side.
  9. Sounds like the bios update fixed everything. Nice temps :D
  10. Crap the comp didnt hold steady. I ran prime 95 for an hour at 55C on max load when I voluntarily quit the program. I had to quit prime to work on some other stuff on my comp. Then suddenly the comp reset again. Rebooted system, and logged on to windows but after about five minutes the comp would reset again. Tried lowering the fsb again but the comp keeps resetting, and again I can't get the rig stable above 240. I think it might be the ram sticks. Good thing theyre still returnable (within the refund period) so im going to pick up some different ones, maybe some rated at like 1600mhz with better timings.

    Can't figure out the problem. Im beginning to think that the 925 really isn't a great overclocker. Well I guess I can't complain since I got the mobo and cpu for 149.99-20 rebate so 129.99. If the mem sticks don't work, I guess I have to run the rig at 3.36ghz. Not too bad. Im getting about 16221 on 3dmark06.
  11. Good news! Im currently testing my rig on Prime95 as I type this on 252fsb x 14 or 3.528 ghz. Im running on 1.41 volts and right now temps on full load are at 41C. I have my HT multiplier set at 1800mhz (or 9x I have to set it to 1800mhz on my mobo to get the 9x multiplier) and my ram is set at 1066mhz w 7-7-7-20 timings. Running prime for 1 hour now, and so far so good.

    I tried a different attempt this time. I actually decided to be patient and started raising the fsb x2 at a time, restarting, and testing w prime for about 20 -30 min just to see basic stability. Im going to keep raising the fsb until I hit a wall, and start tweaking the voltage a little bit. Didnt want to go through that process, but I had no other choice.

    I noticed that on my setup, I was able to run at max 248fsb on 1333mhz, then I had to adjust to 1066mhz as soon as I hit 250fsb. So now Im going to test how far I can get on 1.41 volts w 1066 mhz ram speed before making further adjustments.

    I'll keep you posted.

    So for those of you with 925s, there is still light at the other end of the processor road. You just have to be patient and take baby steps.

    BTW, got the mobo and processor at a steal. 149.99-20.00 rebate making it 129.99. Can't beat that price. We'll see how far I can push this thing. Talk about bang for the buck. Been working on this rig for quite some time now. So far my build has cost me only $535. I previously snagged an Asus P5QPL-AM and Intel E6300 dual core for 69.99 which was used on my rig, but took that setup out and put it in an old PC case that I had lying around (you remember those big old white color office cases. LOL) Picked up this new mobo/cpu setup, and so far Im very pleased.

    Specs: Biostar TA790GX A3+, PhenomII x4 925, Thermaltake V3 black case, ATI Radeon 5770 (Ati industries), 2x1gb patriot 10666 ram, Seagate Barracuda 1tb, Coolmax 600w psu (only 34.99) had to get it, Asus 24x dvd-rw.
  12. nice currently stable at 3.2Ghz just under 1600 Mhz ram w/ 1.295V cpu
  13. hey wondering if the ram timing was something that really made a difference. and i put a post and got some help on the same processor. some help was a program intelburntest v2.5 this program test stabililty of processor and ram(very important for the p2x4 925). i found that the only way i could have anything stable above 240fsb was also to put down the ram multi, and i have 1600 rated ram. a question i had for you was how i feel out ram timing like you did, thats holding me back.
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