You Guessed It, Another First Computer ;]

Yep another user building their first computer :] just wanted to run a few things by you guys to make sure everything is compatible and such before I go out and spend a bunch of money.

So I want to build a computer for gaming and general use, however the most important thing I should mention, is I want to build a MacIntel with the OSx86 Program. This I could guess would be the main limiting factory on what I can and cannot use. I am a 3rd year Comp Sci student so I know quite a bit about computers and hardware, however I've never built my own computer like this so I would like to run my plan by you guys.

Motherboard :
Brand : MSI
Model : X58 Platinum
Processor :
Class : Core i7-920
Speed : 2.66GHz
Memory :
Brand : G.Skill
Type : 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
Capacity : 4GB (2 x 2GB)
Timing : 9-9-9-24
Graphics :
Brand : MSI
Model : N260GTX-T2D896 OC
GPU : GeForce GTX 260
Hard Drive :
Brand : Hitachi
Series : Deskstar T7K500
Capacity : 320 GB
RPM : 7200
Power Supply :
Brand : Broadway Com Corp
Model : Okia-Black-650
Power : 650 W
Input Voltage : 115/230 V
Output Voltage : +3.3V@34A +5V@50A +12V@24A -12V@1A +5VSB@2.5A
Disc Drive :
Brand : LG
Model : GH20NS15
Case :
Brand : NZXT
Model : Alpha
Type : ATX Mid Tower

If you guys need any more info just say so and I really appreciate the help :]
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  1. if your going to spend that kind of money on a build get a better power supply. get a modular one from corsair or ultra found here: and here: Both of those should do you good. NOW if you plan to do SLI, then youll need a little more juice to power 2x gtx260's. the 800watt ultra version is good: Everything else looks good to me what kind of budget are you on??
  2. budget is pretty much a non-issue. But if course nothing outlandish, and saving money in smart areas is always good.
  3. Get the 3x2 GB of RAM made for the X58 motherboards. Something like this
    or the 3x1 kit

    I'm not sure if that particular MSI X58 handles SLI, i know the MSI Eclipse X58 does though. Get a quality power supply, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, most Antecs etc.
  4. Do i need a triple channel kit to get good performance? (I am very confused as to how these channels all work) Could I buy 2 Cards of RAM now and more later, or will that not work with triple channeling if they aren't originally in a kit. (i know 2 cards can't be triple channeled)? Could any 3 cards be triple channeled together or does it have to be a kit basically?
  5. you can use it in sections, but the kits are tested to work properly together. If you were to buy seperate brands of the same ram(speed, latency etc.) you most likely wont get to use the tri channel. Same as using one stick in a dual channel setup. If you get 2 sticks and add a third later (same brand everything identical) there is a good chance it will work in tri-channel but not a guarantee, which is why they test them together and put them in packages of three. 7-7-7-24 are pretty low timings if your only running one or 2 channels, but ok if you're utilizing all three.
  6. I agree with the above posts. The PSU is pretty low grade compaired with your other components. Also I would reccomend going with tri channel vs dual channel. You get what you pay for. PSU is a very very important part. Don't skim on this one. If your looking for a cheap but somewhat reliable psu get an antec or something.

    Its like 3 college students vs 2 college students eating pizzia. 3 college students are going to eat the pizzia faster than just 2. Even if the 2 college students can chew more at once (meaning faster mhz) 3 mouths are still going to chew that pizzia down faster. Tri channel is the way to go in other words. Benchmarks have also stated that 6gbs vs 3gbs is a huge increase in system preformance.

    Something to note that if your getting over 4gbs of ram/video ram then you need to have a 64 bit os.
  7. Awesome guys thanks for the advice, I'm ordering all of my parts today :]

    I really appreciate everyone's advice and I hope I'll be able to pass this help along to somebody else some time. :)

    EDIT : forgot to note I did upgrade my power supply and memory to the ones that were suggested here.
  8. 1. Get the PC Power & Cooling 750. It is quite a bit better than the Ultra PSU and will handle SLI easily.

    2. Make sure you have drivers for printers,etc for Vista x64.

    3. Get Tri Channel RAM

    4. Get a WD 640GB AAKS. With that budget you might as well get this drive.

    5. OCing? Too bad there arn't any good HSF for that socket yet.
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