How bad is CPU holding back GTX 260?

Hello guys.

I was wondering how bad my CPU (AMD X2 5200+ 2.7) is holding back the GTX 260 XXX Edition. How many more frames could I be getting if I upgraded, to say Phenom X4?

Also 2 kinda off topic questions. I installed Vista 32-bit awhile ago and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts has been giving me 14-30 frames in comparison to 40-60 when I had XP Professional. I noticed alot of lag when simply moving across the map a little bit which I didn't experience before. Also the units and buildings seemed more larger. The Settings are the same as I had on XP Pro which are (1280 X 1024, 4xAA, High settings all, full model) but I'm getting lower performance. Please help.

And last question. Why after updating the base score in Window's Experience Index my taskbar suddenly changed style and color?

Thank you.
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  1. How much Ram/speed you have ?

    yes this poor AMD is really odling you back.

    tell more about Mobo-ram-PSU ???
  2. Couple of things. One, your 2.7Ghz CPU is going to hold back your GTX 260 for sure. Probably want to get over 3Ghz to start to free it up some. I used to be a big AMD fan, but frankly with the modern games.... Intel has a big edge in performance. The Phenom X4 will probably give you better performance than your X2 5200, and you may be able to use the same motherboard (thereby a cheap upgrade).

    As far as Company of Heroes goes. I used to play that too. With DirectX 10 in Vista, you'll see a slowdown in FPS compared to DirectX 9 in XP. You'll generally notice a small decrease performance wise in Vista over XP anyways. Therein lies most of your problem. Either speed up your system (faster CPU), or lower your graphics settings some.

    What you're seeing in CoH is perfectly normal. ;)
  3. boulard83 said:
    How much Ram/speed you have ?

    yes this poor AMD is really odling you back.

    tell more about Mobo-ram-PSU ???

    I didn't ask it, but it's very true. You'll need more RAM to run Vista smoothly than you did in XP. I ran XP great with 2GB, had to do 4GB to run Vista at similar speeds.

    Plus, if you have an older motherboard, upgrading to a Phenom X4 may not do all that you want it to if you have older/slower RAM speeds anyhow (like DDR PC3200).

    To get all that you want out of your video card (or anything higher than that later) you'll probably need to buy a newer CPU/Motherboard/RAM. Like Intel's E7200 or E8400 or something. Those are pretty solid for Dual-Core CPUs. Or you can go Quad. If you do though, I'd suggest Intel's quads if you have to upgrade your whole system.
  4. I have 3 gigs of RAM, but kinda a mix. Like 2 sticks of 1 gig (5-5-5-12-23) and 2 sticks of 512 (5-5-5-12-22). Both are from OCZ and TRCP are the only differences I think. 2 are gold edition (512) and the others are silver (1gig).

    My Mobo is a TF8200+ AM2+.
  5. Ok thank you Jerreece and Boulard83. I guess it's upgrading time again.
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