Need Help On Graphic Card

Need help in selecting graphic cards


I m looking 4 nvidia's graphic card within the range of INR 5000-6000 following are the configuration of My PC

Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 @ 2.00GHZ
2.43 GB of RAM
Window XP Service Pack 3
160 GB Hard disk drive

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  1. INR = Indian rupees, right? Then a good buy would be a 9600 gt at about 4500 INR or 9800 gt, at about 5800 INR. The prices are US dollars, converted to rupees. I don't know if there might be price differences in India (assuming that's where you are).
  2. Hi

    Thanx a lot 4 ur reply. In India and tht too in Bombay, Nvidia's 9400 GT cost in Indian Rupee is some where around INR 4000. I just want 2 know how is the performance of this card, shall I go 4 this card or which card u will recommend Me within the range of INR 5000-6000.

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