How to manage unallocated space on hdd

Hello, I was trying to partition my HDD (291 gb free space) I alloted 5gb to the new partition I thought I was making. But the partition . manager is unable to give it a drive letter. Please HELP
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  1. Did you format the new partition?

    In Windows you cannot assign a drive letter until it is formatted.
  2. No, I could not even format the partition. If I give the command to partition, only my C: drive is displayed. It seems I cannot access any options for the unallocated space.
    I forgot to mention that I have a new laptop running Windows 7.
  3. If you actually created the partition, go to drive manager, you will see the 5gig of unallocated space. You will be able to select it there and format, then assign a drive letter.

    Why even create a 5gig partition? For a swap file?
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