8500GT 512 or 8600GT 256

guyz i need ur help. i am going to buy a pci-e. i am from bangladesh and grafics cards are very expensive here. so i cant efford much. so i am left with some specific cards.

xfx 8500GT 512

xfx 8500GT 1 GB

xfx 8600GT 256

which 1 u suggest? i dont play games much. sometimes may be 1-2 times a month.
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  1. If I had to go with one of the choices you listed, I would choose the 8600 GT, as it would provide the best performance. Notably, from a price / performance standpoint, the 1 GB 8500 GT is worst of the choices you listed. While, more VRAM can boost the performance of a graphics card...when it comes to weaker cards, a lot of VRAM is generally not worth the price premium, as low clock speeds and weaker design ensure that the extra VRAM is not used very well. I'm sure there are exceptions, but...
  2. yea the 8600gt is your best bet. its probably twice as fast as a 8500, which i had and it sucked alot
  3. thnx guyx for the replies. umm do u think ddr3 will be better than ddr2 in case of 8600gt??
  4. Get a ddr3 8600gt
  5. +1 ddr3 86oogt
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