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I need a owners/service manual for a Chaintech 7AJAO/100 MOTHERBOARD,its maximum cpu and memory capability
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  1. Did you try to contavt Chaintech Support.
  2. dallasjoh said:
    Did you try to contavt Chaintech Support.

    Thank you,I sent a request to the support,I got the board out of a throw away and it does work,just don't know of the brand. I am always salvaging pc's,redoing them and selling them,my pc is a combo of many with a newer ASUS,1.6 AMD ATHLON XP 1900 series,(soon to be upgraded to 2100 series)1.5 gig memory,320 gigs hdd,Soundblaster Pro live 5.1.Nvidia 64 vid card(soon to be upgraded to 256mb card,5 port 2.0 usb card,dual dvd burners,zip 100 drive,exeternal power tap for testing and scanning hard drives,my case is an Ultra case desighned for WIN 95...thanks again...
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