9950 system hangs-HELP!

k9a2 plat mb
amd 9950 black 3.2ghz
2gig 800/2x1g 667...4g total
500w psu
8600gt 512
vista x32 basic

Just Upgraded to the k9a2 and 9950 from an asus m2vm-v 5000+ 2.7ghz
and my system is actually slower..... experienceing alot of system hangs in simple tasks suck as right clicking to bring up properties box for network connections...

Any help as to what could be the problem or "bottle neck" would be greatly appreciated.

overclocking isnt the problem. Same results with cpu set to default/ @3.2ghz temp 37c idle 42c load.
*edit- updating vista to x64 ultimate tonight and have 4 2gig ocz 1066 on the way and will upgrade gpu to 4870x2 in 2 weeks... my guess its either the odd mem setup i have, psu wattage, or the 32bit op sys????
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  1. Did you reformat your hard drive and install a fresh copy of Vista?

    Did you install the latest motherboard drivers from the manufacturer?
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