Computer hangs after mobo splash screen appears


Please help me. :cry:
My Computer Just stopped working. When i turn it on, it hangs up after the MoBo splash screen dissappears.
After the splash screen "_" blinks 2 times then screen turns to black. I have already tried booting up my Win XP CD but same thing happens.. i think my hard drive is broken. I have already tried removing my graphics card but same thing happens. Please help me guys.. what should i do? and is there a possibility to recover my precious data?? :heink:
But one thing confuses me, my hard drive is detected at BIOS.. but i cant seem to boot it.. :pfff:

My Specs:

MoBo: Asus P5KPL - AM SE
Ram: 2GB Transcend
Graphics: Galaxy GeForce 7200 GS 256mb
Drive: 80 GB Seagate
Processor: Intel Dual Core 1.6ghz

please help me guys.. :( :( :(
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