More important: DRAM or CPU?

Which is more important in OC'ing... DRAM or CPU??

I basically discovered that I have two stable configs (note, I own an i7 930):

3.8GHz CPU
1400MHz DRAM


3.3GHz CPU
1604 DRAM

Any suggestions? How important is the DRAM freq vs CPU freq?
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  1. CPU speed is far more important that memory speed specially on the i7 since there is only minor gains with the memory while the increased cpu speed will be noticeable in most apps.

    Some apps will show improvement with increased memory speed but no where near enough to make up for 500mhz of cpu speed. Also running @ 1400 over 1600 you may be able to tighten your timings which could makeup for the loss in speed.
  2. Go with the CPU speed.
  3. ^+1
  4. Cpu frecuency is always more important than memory frecuency or timings. Anyway a good memory allows you go higher when you do overclocking the cpu.
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