SATA HD S.M.A.R.T error. Cant boot but other comp claims its healthy.

Not long after installing Win7 64bit (Dual booting vista 32) I was getting this annoying error when running games.
"Your performance is very poor ect Do you want to change your theme settings?"
Of course I said no as even though Im playing crysis it's not even using 50% of my cpu & ram.
And the error would keep coming up every time stealing focus out of the game.

A few days later, all of a sudden I cant boot in to windows. Just a blank screen after post & mobo suff.
I fixed this but just turning it off at the PwrSupply for 20 secs & turn it back on.
My coputer then said "error with overclocking settings" so I said reset to defaults settings & continue.
Everthings fine for a fine for a while.

Then a few 2 hrs later...
Hd's being accessed & making noise at random when idling.
And general HD performance on all my HD's went to a crawl when playing a movie of any 4 of them.
Media player crashing ect.
I thought it was because I just installed klite codec pack so I d/l & installed the 64bit version.
Evything is fine again for 10 minutes & again.
Media player crashing.
I gave up watching movies & went to the pub :)

Then next day I get a S.M.A.R.T. error from the post screen saying my hd's status is bad backup & replace or insert bootable media & hit F1 to continue.I disabled smart. Still cant boot.
I run Win7 recovery & it cant detect a windows installation.
But I can see the partitions are still there if I click custom install.
Bootable Gparted CD crashes.

So I take the hd out & plug it in to a USB conversion & plug it in to my mates computer running XP.
I copy all the dater off both partitions with no real problems using TeraCopy.
I go into XP's disk managemant to see if SMART had made the partition inactive as a precaution.

Acording to XP both partitions are healthy & the correct 1 is active.

I think I can just reinstall windows & it'l prolly start working again. I dont know how to repair the boot sector or anything.

Is there some progrram to repair the boot sector?
Is my HD about to Die?
Are my other HD's dying to or was the performance problem caused but the os Drive?
Is there a problem with my power supply voltage or motherboard that could have caused this to happen?
Should I just through the HD away? or install windows again & see what happens?
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  1. Based on all the problems you described I would start with the power supply.
  2. Well it was supposed to be a decent power supply
    It's a 650wt Coolermaster.

    Another problem that may also be related to power is my Green fluro lights I have are all turning orange but I assumed it was a fault with the lights themselves.

    Is there a way to tell for sure if that is causing the problems?
  3. Ive devised a good theory on the problem & a troubleshooting method to test it when Im done I'll post what I found in case anyone else has this problem.
  4. Check the SMART data for "Current Pending Sector" and "UDMA CRC Error Count". If one of those two is not ZERO then you have a problem with your disk; bad sector or bad cable in the case of UDMA CRC error count.
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