Advice, Please - 9600GT or x1950xtx

I have one of each card available for use right now and am at a loss which one would perform better for gaming. I realize that they are older but its all I have available for right now.

ANy and all comments and advise would be welcome!

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  1. 9600gt
  2. when you say older what do you mean? The 9600GT from Nvidia is quite a new card. Its better than the X1950XTX You dont mean an old 9600 from ATI do you ? If that is the case then the XTX is way better.

  3. I hadn't found that paricular chart....wonderful info. Thanks for the link and the advice, all. :wahoo:
  4. um yeah the 9600GT will wipe the floor with any of those old ati's..
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