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I purchased ATI hd4850 last week but still its causing me headache. I always get VPU error whenever i play crysis , nfs undercover. I tried all the the version on ATI CC , but didt help. After getting VPU error i have checked the temp of my card , its around 60 deg cel. I donno whats the cause of these symptoms,
I have decent config which meets the requiremnt of card,
plz hep

Core 2 duo 2.66
2x 1GB RAM
HD 4850
450 watts SMPS:::+12v1 +12v2 +5v +3.3v -12v
10A 14A 25A 20A 0.3A
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  1. Well you could try Omega drivers i did last week and they are pretty good. My 3850 wont play FarCry 2 at max settings anymore on the ATI drivers. I have heard there are some issues with this kind of thing with the 8.12 drivers. Last set of ATI drivers i had that worked well were the 8.10 ones. It is possable as its been known before that the whole problem is with the CCC, not the display driver. I have run using just the Display driver before and used ATI Tray Tools for overclocking and AA/AF tweaking.
  2. whats your OS? whats your previous card? if you had a geforce in their better do a fresh install of your OS. or try switching to vista, which i did.
  3. OS : win xp pro sp2
    i had formated after i purchased ati , I also tried on vista but its more worst there, I read many forums on net there are three possible reasons for VPU error
    1, PSU
    2,hardware problem
    3, overheating

    since i dont have 1st & 3rd problem , so only have to check for hardware error, like Ram test.
  4. looks like you have some problem with my old HIS 1650xt turbo edition, and my pal's HIS1950pro. my 1650xt clocked at 630 which simply too much, and made me got vpu recovery messages when playing several games(crysis, medieval total war). when i underclock it at 614, all that problem was gone. now i play with powercolor 4870 512mb and never get VPU recovery issue.
    i heard some of 4850 owners out there also have same problem with you. i just assume it was hardware problem, i mean chip problem.in electronic manufacturing, make every produk to be perfect is imposible.they always try to do it at their best, but in fact some product still "missed".moreover, i don't think they have enough time to test each card with bunch of games to ensure all the chip has the same level of stability.and that's what warranty meant to be.so, looks like you are "the lucky one" to get such kindda product.
    i think you need to contact the store and ask for replacement. or in worst situation, a slight underclocking might help you.
  5. What brand of power supply is that? It still could be the cause. I know my 2900XT would do VPU recovers on a 550W mediocre PSU even though it could theoretically handle it.
  6. most of my problems went off the window when i switched to vista. but there are still some occasional crashes (crysis:warhead, grid). what interest me is how fluid this card is when im playing far cry2, i didnt experience any slowdown/bsod/vpu recover error after 3 hours straight of gameplay. im glad i chose farcry2 over gta4 when i bought it last week.

    im using a corsair vx450 (450watts) and im using catalyst 8.11 btw, 8.12 sort of messed my system's stability.
  7. same as you , when i play fary cry 2 , i dont get any vpu error, its just that when i play crysis & nfs undercover i get vpu error,.
    so final option i have to buy a 500 watts or more psu , but still skeptical on buying , not sure whether it will solve the problem,
    if it doesnt then its a waste of money
  8. EXT64
    changing the psu solved your problem,
    which one u purchased
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