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I'm having trouble determening which temperature I need to be focused on. I'm using CPUID Hardware Monitor, Speedfan and Realtemp. In all three it shows the temperatures of each core which is 32c/idle 52c/Max. Now in HWM and Speedfan I have an unknown temperature. Also the same number is listed under ACPI in HWM, at idle its 25c but with a load it shoots up to around 60-65ish, on occassion it'll go to 68 for a second. No matter what I run the system at, that temperature is about the same. Stock or overclocked, it rarely will change. Question is, is that my temp of the cpu die, should I be alarmed.

Biostar G41-DVI
E7500 321x11 3.5ghz <--2.5v on one core, apparently 1.6 or so on the second. Cannot change this for some reason
Rocketfish cooler
2x2gb G Skill 5 5 5 15 800mhz 4:5 divider 1.9v
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  1. Your temps are fine, nothing to worry about. The core temps are the main concern.

    The ACPI temp may be from a MB sensor, usually around the pcie socket, but I have never had a need to track it down to determine it's exact location or worried about any readings except the core temps using Coretemp or Realtemp and have never done in a MB.
  2. Dude... get a new cooler.
    ive got a E7600 And i havent oc'd it that far without stability issues. ur either a legend or just plain crazy. keep up the good work man!:D
  3. Quote:
    68C occasionally. Well, yes, get a new cooler.

    fisshy said:
    Dude... get a new cooler.

    As the OP has stated, he is getting 52c MAX core temps, in what world is this too high. ;)
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