New Gaming Rig...Need Suggestion/Recommendations

Hello Everybody ,

I am building a new gaming system because my old system has run out of juice to upgrade

I am looking to build a 'future proof' ..I know...i know that word has little meaning since there is a new thing every other day but something that let me do regular upgrades rather then a complete overhaul.

Also I plan to add an extra vid card for Crossfire and do some overclocking later on ...

I m thinking of going for the following:

Case: Antec 1200 series

Processors: I m going for the Core i7... What I wanted to know was is there a difference between the 920 and the 940 except the few Ghz which I can probably acheive by overclocking anyway(if not better)

Motherboard: Looking at the X58 but not sure on which model to go for..I need something able to do crossfirebut . ( Does it have IDE some support would be nice so I can transfer all my current data) . I also need somethig with lot of RAM slots and ability to support the high end DDR3s out there. And preferably support upto 16gb total

Memory : DDR3 same requirement as above . i am thinking of going for 2 gig first model I can afford.. ( will that be sufficient ). I usually game on the pc and use photshop etc/Flash cs3...will probably upgrade in a few months anyway

GFX: Pretty much looking to go the best card out available there...I have alreadt decided to go 4870X2... funny how i m usually pro nvidia.. so need a good card which can handle full settings and Full AA etc on games...

Power: Need a good 1000W power since i will be adding another 4870X2 in crossfire a couple of months later. Something with right amount of cables to support all my devices cards and hard drives, (I have got the Ageia Phyx and the Xfi elite sound card to support as well

Sound: dont really care for this as I have the X-Fi Elite

Hard drive: I am thinking of getting 500-600 gb range Sata ...

My budget is around 1700-1800 pounds ($3000 approx) as been saving on my pc budget for a while current spec is p4 3.2 HT , intel 865P ,2 gigDDR ram and 6800 GFX card..i wont be offended if you laugh... lol)

Any links will also be appreciated for good prices as well in the UK....

Thanks in advance for the suggestion/recommention and Kudos for helping out...

-Lord PiNG : :sol:
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  1. Look for an ASUS P6T.

    2GB will not be enough. You will need a 6GB kit.. preferably low voltage, 1.5-1.6V at least DDR3 1333. i7 uses RAM in trios, not pairs, and the maximum you can have is 12GB.
  2. thnx Proximon for the heads up ...i didnt know that.

    I forgot to mention above(cant seem to edit the post) that I needed the 2 gig version of the 4870X2
  3. lordping said:

    I forgot to mention above(cant seem to edit the post) that I needed the 2 gig version of the 4870X2

    All 4870 x2 models come with 2gigs of GDDR5 ram.
  4. Ok I just found a MB i wanna go for ( P6T MB) :

    In the spec it mentions the MB supports Up to 1600MHz (O.C) .does that means it supports standalone 1600 as well?
    Like this one?
  5. Yes it will support that memory. You probably don't need that memory though.

    If you end up needing to cut corners this RAM would be a fine choice:
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