SSD heat?

I just ordered 2 of these:

I should have ordered 2 of these: because i need the brackets. Oops.

Anyway, I'm finding that many of the brackets you can buy such as this and this can hold 2 SSDs.

Mounting 2 regular HDD's that close together isn't a good idea. I know this from experience! Having never had any SSD's before I was wondering if heat is an issue at all? Is it okay to mount them that close together?
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  1. It should be OK to mount them that close together as SSDs put out very little heat. But I personally wouldn't do it unless I was pressed for space.
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    Some SSDs use more power as they use multiple controllers in RAID; for example the OCZ Apex and other low quality SSD.

    But modern/normal SSDs would consume about 0,2W idle? That would mean you can put them against eachother and basically forget about heat altogether. As comparison a 7200rpm 3,5" drive uses about 6-8W to idle; up to 40 times more.
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