Transfer files between windows xp and 7?

Just a quick question as I am getting ready to install windows 7 on my new hardrive so I can check it out and still run xp on a separate HD. I thought it would be easy to transfer files in windows explorer from one drive to another but apparently it is not.

My first HD is only 200 gigs in size and already filled to the max, my new one is 1.5 TB's.

Is there an easy way to transfer files. Let's say I run games on my xp HD and use the windows 7 for internet usage and data storage.

Is this worth the hassel?

thanks so much.
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  1. You're talking about dual-booting, both HDs in 1 computer? It should be very easy. At the very least, booting to Win 7 should allow you to read the XP HD.

    What formats are the drives in (NTFS, etc)?
  2. IMO put your OS on the 200gb, put your data on the storage drive. what works on windows 7 should work on W7, if not, run it in compatibility mode and it should work. migrating to W7 should be a breeze and smooth transition.

    To answer your question, just make a "Backup" (something like that) folder on your storage drive, and put ALL, and only your data there... keep operating system and data drives separate. you dont want to lose your data when your OS dies
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