Help me find a monitor for 4870 X2

looking for a great monitor to buy! im ordering a SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4870 X2. im looking for a 24 inch or so monitor and am willing to spend 300-500$ i was looking at the asus MK241H but im not sure if there is better for cheaper and where is the best place to buy monitors from? neweggs return policy sucks 8 or more dead pix. for a return to go threw its terrable. please help me out! im ordering my whole setup on monday and need to find a great gaming monitor for crysis! i dont do any video/photo edditing only fps games! thanks guys!

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  1. maybe this one?

    you really can't go wrong with either.
  2. Here's an awesome deal: the Dell Ultrasharp 2408 for just over $500:

    It's an S-PVA panel with much better image quality than the standard TN panels.

    Dell has a pretty nice return policy too - IIRC, on the ultrasharps, you can return it for almost any reason and they'll accept it.
  3. My dad has one of those (got it free from his job) and it is really good. Highly recommended.

    this is a great value for the size, typical 5 m/s response time, and right around 500 (little less)
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