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I've been using a 1Tb MyBook for about 6 months, using the included backup software. Only about 35gb of info was on the drive. Windows XP crashed on my PC, after reinstalling windows and WD smartware the drive is all but useless.

WD Smartware show that ~35gb of space is used but doesn't list files, clicking on 'recover' or 'backup' results in an 'unhadled exception' error.

I've got a ton of irreplaceable photos on this drive that I thought were secure.

Using Windows explorer results in gibberish filenames that won't open, lots of .dll files are listed as well but I can't find any .jpg's

Any help?

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  1. Try using data recovery software on the MyBook.
  2. Thanks, I'll try it.
    Interesting though, I tried a basic windows search for .jpg's and all my photos showed up in a directory and file that doesn't appear when I use 'My Computer'.

    So the big issue is now over, I've got my photos. But I really don't trust the software that came with the Mybook.
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