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I too have the MSI GD 70 board and the AMD 550 cpu and have set the ACC to auto as msi tech has told me, and i see no change in the way cupd is, still says two cores.
any other ideals ????
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  1. What exactly do you want to accomplish?
  2. to open all cores, I did what MSI tech has told me to do with setting the ACC to auto, and i have downloaded, pc wizard 2010, but the bios settings still say its only two cores, as well as all the system setting, the only thing that says that there are 4 cores is pc wizard 2010.

    I just want to get my bang for the buck out of this CPU.
    just to see what this system can really do, in the way of gaming and mutli tasking.

    plus i would like to see how far i can push this system in the way of over claoking, that i know nothing about.

    thanks for replying to me.
  3. Not all 550s can be unlocked. If you needed more cores, you bought the wrong chip. You may need more voltage, but before you even think about increasing that, you need to crack some books (or at least study a lot of how-to threads).
  4. True the reg 550`s cant be opened, but the blacks can be, and i do have a black edition, one of the early ones. and those from what i have read can be opened opn all 4 cores.
  5. Black or not, whether or not two more working cores can be unlocked is NOT a sure thing. Some can unlock. Some unlock but are unstable. And some just won't unlock. If you need 4 cores, buy 4 cores.
  6. i see what your saying, but at the time, i couldnt not get the 4 core CPU, and from reading blog and post`s from other on different web sites, and getting a really good deal on this CPU i have, that was new, unopened i couldnt pass it up.

    so goin to a 4core unit is still in the works, i just want to see how far i can push this one before break down. and realy dont want to get into over clocking that much, untill i can under stand the basic of doing so. just want to try to open 4 cores on this to see what can be done, in the way of hacking or over clocking. just to play with the settings and trying something totaly new to me. \

    but i do see what your saying, and respect that.
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