What would you charge to build a system

I have the opportunity to build some gaming computers. What's the going rate, in the U.S.A. for someone to build a gaming computer???
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  1. I usually charge 10-15% of the cost of the PC with a minimum of $100.
  2. serpent1202 said:
    I usually charge 10-15% of the cost of the PC with a minimum of $100.

    ^ +1, Agreed!
  3. Depends on who it's for, and how much support I think I'll need to provide. As far as a generic rate though, serpent1202's formula looks about right.
  4. serpent1202 said:
    I usually charge 10-15% of the cost of the PC with a minimum of $100.

    Do you mean the cost of the components???
  5. Yes. If the total components cost $600, I'd charge my $100 minimun.

    If the total cost is $1500, I charge $150 - $200 depending on what I have to configure.

    Then if you really get into the details with your customers, sometimes I charge more if I OC, setup RAID, etc.
  6. I charge $150 sraight up.
  7. Try to get an agreement in writing about support. You don't want them to expect free support for the next 15 years, right?
  8. aevm has an excellent point about the support

    I start with a baseline of $100 then go up from there depending on the complexity of the build/configuration.
  9. What would you charge for support??
  10. $150 to build and 75 an hour support.
  11. What do you consider support??
  12. Support is any time someone calls you about the product you sold them.
    It could be tech support or if a part fails product support. Some States, like California, the end seller is responsible to honor the product warranty. Unless that is if you sell "as is, no warranty". But what kind of business does that? I'll tell you, none that plans to stay in business very long. You could only provide Labor and let or tell the customer supply the parts but there goes profit out the window.
  13. $100 for building (mild OC if they want, includes P95 testing 8+hrs) + $100-150 for liquid cooling, mods,etc. Free labor on CPU/GPU upgrades for 3 years. I don't provide software support, but do warrant hardware defects.
  14. And be sure you get quality parts. Because if it breaks down...they're gonna call you. And if you give any type of warranty on parts, out of your pocket.
  15. ^+1 for quality parts. As for parts you can rely on the manufacture warranty :)
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