Hybrid crossfire confused

Could someone please explain hybrid crossfire?
I have a Gateway GT-5676
AMD® 780G chipset with hybrid graphics
AMD Phenom™ 9600, 64-bit quad core processor, Vista home premium OS
8 GB DDR2, 667 MHz, (PC2-5300) dual channel memory
I want to mate another video card to the on-board graphics for better video and picture quality, but haven't a clue what I'm doing!
I have been looking at HD 3450 cards such as ASUS and Diamond
Am I correct in assuming this card will just plug in and be crossfire ready?
or do I need to bridge the two cards together?

As well I wandered off and started looking at the ASUS HD 4670 & the HIS Radeon HD 4670 IceQ - 1GB, but these cards seem to need a bridge connector to mount in crossfire?

Whats the difference in these two setups and which is the best way to go?
I was planning on moving from a 350w power supply to a 550w or 600w if I used the bigger card, would this be necessary if I stick to the HD 3450?

I don't do a lot of gaming, but want nice video and picture quality.
Thanks for any advice, I'm pulling my hair out here! (or whats left of it)
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  1. All depends on what you ultimately want to do. You said you don't do a "lot of gaming". What does that mean? You play 2 hours a day? 2 hours a week? What games do you intend to play?

    If you want to play the latest games, the 3450 isn't a good idea. The 4670 might get you by.

    You said you want nice video and picture quality, doing what? Watching DVDs, video editing, or just checking email?

    Far as I know, the whole point to Hybrid Crossfire is that the integrated graphics chip in your motherboard will work in concert with any additional PCI-E video card you install. In theory, it should boost your stand alone card.

    Standard Crossfire would include installing two separate video cards, which would typically require you connect them with some sort of bridge.
  2. jerreece, mostly do family picture editing, watch DVD/blue ray, web surfing, some drawing with visio, possibly games like Riven or MS flight simulator.
    Just want a real crisp display.
  3. Hyrbid crossfire will work only with a 3400 series gpu.

    Source: http://ati.amd.com/technology/hybridgraphics/index.html

    A 3470 in H-CF should work fine, but I'd get a 4670, just to be safe. But I'm a gamer, and this board is incredibly gamer-biased.
  4. Thanks for the reply smithereen, is the 3470 available? I couldn't seem to find one anywhere.
    If I went to the 4670 would I be using it as a stand alone or could I connect it to the on-board graphics?
    Also what about my stock 350w power supply?
  5. Well, basically you can use a 3470 or a 3450 with the onboard graphics provided by the 780G chipset and it seems to give you Radeon 3650 or nVidia 9500GT like performance. Thats fine for older games or playing newer ones at low quality settings, but the Radeon 4670 will wipe the floor with it. If you can spend some extra money just get the Radeon 4670. If you want to get away as cheap as possible the hybrid crossfire will be a decent upgrade from what you have. Of course if you're currently running some game at 5fps you may not appreciate the increase to 10 fps with the hybrid crossfire :D.
  6. Thanks Megamanx00
    I'm still a little confused, if I opt to go with the HD 4670 will that card take the place of the on-board graphics? Will the pc default to the larger card or do I tie the HD 4670 into the integrated graphics? If so how?
    Also what about power supply wattage, I currently have a 350w, what is best for the 3470 and for the 4670?
    Whats your opinion of brands in either card, and brands of power supplies?
    And finaly, last question, if fan noise is an issue do the 4670's roar?
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