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Hi all,

I'd like to hear what you would recommend as the best software for monitoring and logging my CPU and GPU utilization over a period of time. I'd like to graph the results to see for myself how various games perform in terms of loading the CPU vs the GPU, how well they utilize multiple cores, etc.

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  1. RivaTuner

    Here are a couple shot of what the output graph looks like. You can add or remove as many of the readings that are graphed.

    Here is a shot of the full graph I have and used the included capture feature so I couldn't show the mouse pointer over it.

    And here is a capture with the mouse pointer over it, but doesn't show the whole graph because of my resolution limitation.

  2. I already use RivaTuner, but mine doesn't graph any CPU information. I suppose I could fiddle around with it to see where I switch it on. Do you know if it can output to csv or some other Excel compatible format?
  3. Everest can output to a csv file.

    Here is how to enable in RivaTuner. In the drop down menu the next to the end is the hardware monitoring box which will bring up the monitor window.

    Click the setup box and it will bring up this.

    If the cpu usage options are not there click the plugins box and it will bring up this window and check the cpu.dll option.

    Then click ok and you should have the ability to enable the cpu usage options and you can check or uncheck what you want to log and display on the graph.

    I hope this helps.
  4. It does, thanks. Any idea what format the RivaTuner log file is in? I can always copy the data to Excel if it's properly formatted.
  5. I just looked at the file and it is .hml
  6. HostMonitor file, according to this:

    Any idea how to open it? Also maybe elaborate a bit on Everest that you mentioned earlier.
  7. Everest is a utility that gives a lot of useful information on your hardware. It also has some bench marks and other features. It is a fairly popular utility and is similar to Sandra.

    Here is a shot of what you can log except the voltages my res couldn't display those.

  8. Looks great! I think I'll give it a try and see how the results turn out. Thanks a million.
  9. It's not free but it has a trial version with limited functions and the full version is $40
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