Intel SSD Change?

Why have the 80 GB Intel SSD's gone done so heavily in price? Is there something happening I don't know about?
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  1. The price rate have been steady for a long time. The only price change was when X25-M got upgraded from 55nm NAND flash to 34nm NAND flash; leading to cheaper SSDs of the same capacity.

    Where the older X25-M had chips on both sides; the newer one has them only on one side. So half the chips leads to lower pricing. But after that it got steady.
  2. They are all over the net right now for like $80 off
  3. X25-M 80GB is about $220; you're saying you can get this for $160 now? In what continent are you comparing prices? In my locale it is still the same price as last month or one year ago; price is set it stone it seems. :)
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