Will my RAM bottleneck C2D O/C?

Hello everyone, I want to point out my rig is a budget gaming, so Yes It pretty cheap under $500.
MB: Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2C
CPU: C2D E4600
CPU Cooler: Corsair H50
Ram: 1) DDR2 1024 Bytes PC2-4300 Kingston
2) DDR2 1024 Bytes PC2-5300 Kingston
GFX: 9800GTX

CPU-Z Memory tab
CAS Latency: 5.0
RAS to CAS delay:4
RAS Precharge: 4
Cycle Time: 12
Bank Cycle Time: 1

If I would to push this baby to 3GHZ with FSB of 200 and 12x Multiplier.
Will my "Cheap Ram" be capable of handing these speed?
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  1. Yes. You need a 250 MHz FSB (assuming the chip will do that). That means DDR2-500 or PC2-4000 speeds.
  2. 250* Edit that, my cheap ram will do fine right? Just that it now much slower.
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    I think you will reach the limits of your processor before you reach the limits of even your cheap memory.

    ojomow said:

    CPU-Z Memory tab
    FREQ 266.7MHZ
    FSB: DRAM 3:4

    The only problem I see is the FSB:RAM ratio. Right now you are overclocking your RAM. As you push your FSB higher, you will exceed your RAM's capability.

    In your BIOS, take the memory clock setting off Auto and select the 2.00 multiplier. You want the memory clock to be twice the FSB frequency.
  4. Thank You, I just just play around with my bios and bump from 2.4 to 2.5 , Not an overclock but just to see how O/C works and stuff.

    I will put it on 2.00 and see the ratio.

    Edit: Great news, my ratio is 1:1 Now, by setting it to 2.00 is my ram slower now? And it better to have ram and cpu speed the same right?

    My settings now ->
    FREQ 210MHZ
    FSB: DRAM 1:1
    CAS Latency: 3.0
    RAS to CAS delay:3
    RAS Precharge: 3
    Cycle Time: 9
    Bank Cycle Time:12
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