$1250 Computer to run Crysis on very high?

Now I know people hate when people build computers for Crysis, but I figure if I can run it on very high, I can run anything else no problem.

I was wondering if someone would be able to come up with a computer configuration for around $1250 including a Monitor (mouse, keyboard, and OS are taken care of)

Some things I would like to use are:

Coolermaster HAF 932

Intel Quad Core Processor


GTX 260 (or core 216 or 280)

250 GB HDD or bigger

I would like to be able to OC the CPU to around 3.4-3.6 GHz w/o liquid cooling.
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  1. are you considering the core i7 quad's or the core2quads with the 45nm node?
  2. haha well, the i7 and MOBO for it are sort of pricey, but if you could config a system that is under $1300 with an i7 or core 2 quade with 45nm and have it perform just as well if not better, than yes!
  3. You'll have a very hard time running crysis maxed out with that budget, and you're wanting to OC on an nvidia chipset which most people would advise against due to stability issues. It'd probably worth looking into a p45 chipset with 2 4850s, a 4850x2, or a 4870. Kinda rushed atm so I can't look at prices right now but heres a general idea for you.

    2x 4850's - ~$300
    p45 - ~$120-$150
    q9550 - ~$300
    4gb Ram - $80
    Case + PSU(thinking antec combo) - ~$150
    Optical Drive - ~$25
    CPU Cooler - $40

    figure ~$1100 shipped, not counting rebates or sales, thats just off the top of my head. Saves you about $150 for a monitor, if you could find something you like for that.
  4. Any decent 20" or 22" monitor will set you back around 200 - 250 so lets just say you have a 1000 to build with

    q9550 - 300
    p45 - Asus P5Q Pro will do well - 130
    4 GB Ram - 60$ (can be had for pretty cheap now)
    Case - don't know what your looking for but i'd say a 50$ case will do nicely
    PSU - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703005 - 100$ any good PSU will hold any single card... i wouldn't plan on going multi-card because by the time you need more performance something better will be out
    DVD Drive - cheap drive on newegg for 20$
    CPU Cooler - Xigamatek S1283 - 40 $
    HDD - Western Digital 640 GB harddrive (great performance) - 70$
    4870 or GTX 260 which ever you prefer - 250$
    Monitor 20" (1680 by 1050) - 250$

    Comes in at about 1250$....

    Thats what i'd do... you could go for a q6600 instead of the q9550 and drop a 100 but either way i'd shoot for a 3.4 ghz overclock on it just to minimize possible bottlenecking at 1680 by 1050
  5. i like thogrom's build, AND his thinking!

    4gb is $50 btw =]

    and if you throw in some nice combo deals with psu and case, you can save a load
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