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System all overclocked and running sweeet (Q6600 @3.2Ghz 1.4v....crappy PSU so vdroop prevents anything higher being stable at present)

Anyway, I installed Win7 to really give the performance a test.

Saw that it created some System reserved 100mb drive. No worry. But when i was using diskpart is set the active partition to the main partition 1, where the system files etc are. On startup i get the crappy Bootmgr missing error. When i point the active directory back to the 100mb partition, windows starts fine?

Why is this?

EasyBCD clearly shows that the boot patition for Win 7 is on the C drive, in system32 folder....and not on this 100mb reserved drive. When i loaded Windows XP dual boot, the boot manager for xp sits on the 100mb drive.

Very confused..but sure a simple explanation could explain and clear my frustrations (or lack of understanding)

It all works fine now....but nothing worse than having something that works when logically it would appear it shouldn't. I used boot mgr fix and everything worked fine. Not sure if this fixed a corrupt boot folder on the C, or fixed the 100mb reserved or what? EasyBCD fixed the dual boot for 7 and XP

Help much appreiated


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  1. boot off the windows disk and use the repair option
  2. My question is...where does Win 7 really boot from? The boot directory is set to sytstem 32 on the C drive, but when i set this to active it wont POST. But when i set the System reserved to active it will boot

    Confusing as Windows XP NTFLR boot seems to be in this location. They cant both be in this System reserved bit

    Jst a bit of explanation would be great....

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