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Ok, so i've been researching to build a case for about 4 months now, and I've got a pretty good idea on two builds that I might work on. One of them has a q6600, the other a core i7 build. With any possibility, just want to hear peoples intake on how fast the q6600 will become obsolete. Also, I would like some suggestions on the full tower case for the cheaper build, because I'm having some debate on whether to get a coolermaster HAF or an Antec 1200.

Cheaper Q6600 build:

Case- Antec Twelve Hundred -

Mobo- EVGA 780i -



CPU- Core 2 Quad Q6600-

RAM- Corsair 2x2 Gigabytes-

HDD- Seagate Barracuda 500GB 32mb cache-

Optical- Samsung 22X-

CPU cooler- Xigmatek HDT 120mm Rifle cooler with retention bracket-

Ok, If I was to go to a core i7 build, then I would have to substitute the case with a NV 690, 9800 GTX+, 2.66 Core i7, and ASUS P6T deluxe, and a 3x1 GB memory. Its about
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  1. Either way, for the same price you can get the WD6400AAKS HD which is a no-brainer IMO. $69.99

    What will be the main purpose of this build? The original GTX 260's are cheap right now for a reason. I'd really step up to either a GTX 260 Core 216 or 4870.
  2. And the point of this computer would be??? If its gaming, get the Q6600 computer. The i7 isn't any faster for games, and you get the "better" GTX260. (I say "better" because you should look at AMDs 48xx lineup.) If this is more of a work computer, then get the i7.

    The Q6600 probably wont' be "obsolete" any time soon. Most programs still aren't multi threaded, so in that respect it will probably last a long time. OTOH, the new i7 can completely blow away the "old" quads in some benchmarks, so its nearly obsolete right now. If you are just looking to game on it, you should see a few years of gaming with this.

    As for your case question, meh. Get which ever you think looks better.
  3. Yeah, I'll probably get the core 216. As for the case, i'll go with the Antec, since it has a better wind tunnel design i think. But... If I were to mount a psu on the bottom, which way would the fan face, since it has no hole to suck in air on the bottom.

    But... how long do you think the quad cores will keep on going? Maybe another 4 years or so?
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