Help with RAID and Array on Dell XPS 410

My Dell XPS hard drive died recently. I replaced the drive and had to reinstall the OPS. The computer had RAID on it, but I have no idea how to access it. The second RAID drive is fine. How do I get the information of the second RAID drive, or setup the new drive to be rebuilt with the data from RAID? As you can tell I know nothing about this subject.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. As one of your hard drive in a RAID array died, depending on which array was set up whether or not you can access the second drive.

    If it was RAID 0 (stripe), the information is lost. :fou:

    If it was RAID 1 (mirror), you should be able to access it? :??:

    As for RAID 5, 0+1, I do not know. We need a RAID experts help. :pt1cable:

    However, when the computer boots up, access you BIOS settings to see if the drives controller is set up for RAID.

    Then while booting, you should have an option to access the RAID set up (mine is <Ctrl> + <I>) when a boot up screen asks. You should see a screen showing the RAID setup, if only briefly. Unless you have a "picture" displaying while booting up, instead of the BIOS "status" screens. The screen should be black, and display all kinds of information about your computer components. Read your motherboards user manual if you need more information on how to access your motherboards BIOS settings, and RAID settings.

    I assuse you know about BIOS, as you installed a new hard drive. You set up this drive in your BIOS, right?

    I would also say, that since one drive died, and the other didn't, and you installed a new drive, and installed an OS in it, maybe it was not set up in RAID, or is not anymore.

    Check your Device Manager to see it it shows your 2 drives. Check Disk Management to see if both drives are there, but maybe one is "unalloacated" or something like that.

    Start/"My Computer"/Right-click/Manage. Both Device Manager and Disk Manager will be options.

    This will only tell in the computer "sees" 2 drives. Not whether they are in RAID.

    One tip, if they are in RAID 0, you will only see 1 drive, but it will be double the capacity of your smallest drive (if they are different sizes). You did buy a new drive of the same size/manufacter/speed/interface didn't you? :D

    That's all I got for now. :hello:
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