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I have a liton iHOS104 blu ray player with 4X read. Every 2 or 3 minutes during a blu ray movie is makes a noise as if to read the disc, the movie and sound jerk for a second or two and then it quietens down and is fine again.

Why is this happening? surely 4X playback is sufficient otherwise it wouldnt be sold.
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  1. I just picked one of these up last week,but havent had time to put in my new system to see how well it works,it could be your vid card or your cpu,what kind of specs are you dealing with?.............
  2. I have AMD Quad Core 630, 6 GB RAM, Integrated RADEON HD 4200 Grahpics.

    I am suspecting the graphics card but it came as part of my Dell system and would question why they would supply an HD graphics card which wasn't up to Blu Ray playback. Also when the playback jerks the drive itself makes a whirring noise as if it is reading the data again.

    I would be very interested to see how you get on with your Blu Ray Player to see if you have similar problems. I also suspect maybe the supplied software to watch the Blu Rays with.

    Please let me know how you get on with yours.
  3. looks like you have the specs to run Hi-Def,I wont be using the bundled software,I already have power dvd 10...I will let you know how it goes....for some reason I feel like it going to be a pain in the ass though......
  4. I'm regretting not getting an 8X Read drive. I cant help but feel that is the problem
  5. I downloaded the trial version of Power DVD 10 and the drive still downs its whirring noise every 2-3 mins but the playback jerking at this moment is much less.
  6. It could be that the drive is reading ahead and then spinning down. There was a program that altered your drives spin down times but I don't remember what it was called.
  7. Have an older LG Blu-ray record in computer 1, a samsung Blu-ray recorder in computer 2 and a Pata Sony Blu-ray plare/DVD-RW in one laptop and a sony SATA blu-ray player in 2nd laptop. - NO problems on any.

    I would suspect the drive, or the Drive set-up (in BIOS). Verify that your dive is in DMA mode and NOT PIO mode.
  8. Everything is in Ultra DMO mode 5.
  9. Ultra DMA 5 sould be fine.

    Can you send it back and get another on, I would recommend the LG/Pioneer, or Samsung drives. Liteon seems to be the cheapper one, and sometimes there is a reason. I use to like liteon (have 3 of ther stand-a-long DVD recorders - they were great. But I think their quality for Blu-ray computer drives are toward the bottom.

    I've looked at several reviews and your drive should have no troubles playing bluray disk. So that brings it down to Hardware/software problem. If no hardwar conflicts and you have tried several software players - that would indicat a drive problem.
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