New Card and Flashing Monitor Light?! o.o

Okay I replaced my old card with a GeForce 9800 GT.

Now I have trouble getting my monitor to come on. Blue light just flashes at me mockingly with no picture.

Swap it to my gf's computer and hers to mine and we get signal on both. Left the DVI/VGA adapter attached to see if that was it, but both pulled up on opposite computers.

This confuses me since the monitor works (though bios screen never showed just went to windowsxp loading), converter works, card works, so......ya

Honestly can't figure this one out at all.

ty if you know anything
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  1. You say you can see the Windows XP loading screen, and then the monitor goes blank?

    Are all power connectors to the video card correctly installed?

    Do you have the correct version of drivers installed?

    Have you tried booting in Windows "safe" mode? You might try changing the screen settings.
  2. No if the monitor is plugged into my computer it never comes on the light just flashes but no picture.

    If I plug the monitor to my girlfriends it doesn't show the bios load screen, but when xp starts loading the monitor kicks on okay.

    Seems there was driver update, but doesn't seem like a driver issues since her monitor works fine on my computer.

    I'll try safe mode i guess.
  3. psu not enough?
  4. What happens if you connect your girlfriend's monitor to YOUR computer? I am thinking that the blinking light on your monitor might mean that it is receiving video signals it is not capable of displaying - which is why the "safe" mode might work.
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