Proceidure for updating Cat Drivers in Hybrid Crossfire

My HtPC runs Vista 64 with a gigabyte 780g board, a Saphire 3450-512mb and four gigs of ram in stable hybrid crossfire with Catalyst 8.8. I decided it was time to update my drivers. Now with 8.12 it crashes in crossfire. Ican run 8.12 on the card alone which is fine for everything except maybe gaming. I assume its some sort of conflict since there are two different dislay drivers to upgrade but only one catalyst suite. What is the best order to perform this operation?
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  1. Looks like I had to go back to 8.11. I was being pleagued with the infamous 3xxx series, vista 64, 4+ gigs. memory error. It wasn't hybrid drver device conflict. 8.11 regained crossfire/stable system.
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