20,000 3D Mark

I was able to hit 11,500 with my dual E5420's OC'd to 3.0Ghz (6,000 CPU Score) and an 8800 GTS. I am going to try to hit a 3.2GHz OC and I just bought a 4870 X2; what are the chaces I could break a 17,500 3D Mark with this set up?

What would it take to break 20,000?
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  1. it would take a hd2900xt
  2. another 4870x2
  3. I broke 20,000 with a E8500 oc'ed to 4.4ghz and a 9800gx2
  4. A single 4870x2 can break 20k, but you need one heck of a CPU. My 4870x2 with my 3.73GHz i7 pulls around 22-23k.
  5. Go to 3,66 and I think you can do it. With my 5200 @3,66 and a single 4870@512 with no ram OC I get about 14,5k marks. I think you can do 20k, not that it means anything...
  6. I'd be surprised if it could do it at 3.6. I've watched my GPU load in 3dmark06, and it is really CPU limited even in the graphics tests. My 4870x2 rarely exceeds 70% load in any of the graphics tests except the one with the blimp (which loads it all the way, and also has the highest framerates), and the CPU load is often 100% on one thread. This tells me that the CPU is actually the limiting factor in 3dmark06, even in several of the graphics tests. Raw clockspeed is really what seems to be needed to speed up the graphics tests.
  7. im assuming thats 3Dmark06. :lol:no mention in the OP's post...
  8. True - I am assuming that he means 06.
  9. Hrm,

    I'm always curious. Spend hundreds to thousands for a score that literally no one you talk to in person likely cares about. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing or hating. I love to benchmark. I just hope the expenditures are more for something else and just so happen to have curiosity to benchmark on the side.

    Happy holidays.

    Very best,
  10. ^Gotta agree there. Who in the world cares if you can benchmark 20K?
    You must be the type of person that a salesman's dreams are made of, more commonly known as "sucker!"
  11. 3dmark is def not an e penis. Show us your Crysis, Far cry 2, Stalker benchmarks:)

    3Dmark just shows us how much you can oc your CPU:) Or how many hard drives in raid 0 you have:D:P
  12. The problem with the 3dmark06 benchmark is the default settings is what most people talk about. But it's not accurate per system unless you bench it at the resolution you plan on playing at.

    Example: I score about 14.5k with my g92 8800gts. With a similar system but a 4870 as a graphics card will score around 15k. But this is at default settings. Get the res up to 1680x1050 or higher and the 4870 will gain a greater and greater lead on my card.

    The default bench still serves a purpose, but if you tweaking your system or trying to choose a component, you should be looking at the resolution you are going to be using.
  13. Sorry, I am talking about 3DMark06 and BTW L1qu1d my ePenis is HUGE!

    I Just started building PC's in September because the IT guy I was using for my office ordered me a Dell with a Pentium4HT 3.0GHz 2MB L2 Cache and 1Gig of Ram; he said it was a "A Pretty Hot Machine".

    I did a little research and built a PC for my kid that would crush my office PC. So then I built a SkullTrail Rig for my workstation and I also built a dual Xeon 5050 Server for my accounting software. Now I can work 32 hours a week and still get 40 hours of work done.

    Now I am building a PC for a friend and I am going to put my 8800GTS in his machine and I bought a 4870 X2 for my SkullTrail just to see what this thing can do.
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