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I can't boot into windows. Once it starts, I get a blue screen, a few lines of text appear and the computer restarts. I can't read the text because it is so fast.

This is my friends computer BTW so my knowledge of what is done to it is limited. So he came to me with that problem. I thought his drive would courrupt so I formatted it in my computer and it worked fine. So I put the hard drive back and returned the computer. He came back to me saying I didn't fix anything and the problem persisted. So the hard drive was working absolutely fine when it left my computer but failed once it entered his.

So I went to format the drive within his computer. It was successful and I installed everything and it was working fine when I left his house.

Today he said the problem came up again. It blue screened after windows logo.

So what is the problem. Definitely a hardware problem. Is the SATA controller courrupting the drive? or is the drive faulty?

I don't want to test the mobo with another hard drive (which would be my hard drive). I don't have a spare hard drive to courrupt.
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  1. I seem to remember something about usb devices causing problems sort of like this on gigabyte mobos - you might try the gigabyte sticky in the mobo section to see if this might be it. Rather a long shot, but worth a look.
  2. The drives are courrupt when using in my computer as well. This is why I initially thought he screwed up his windows on a software level and formatted the drive.

    The problem is the drive breaking itself or whatever is happening. It doesn't sound like the drive is broken because it definitely works.... sorta. I can install windows and boot to it and use it just fine. Just after using it for a while in the computer.

    Im sorry I can't supply much information about the computer since it isn't mine.

    The drive is a WD Caviar Blue 500GB.
    The processor is a E2200 with a Nvidia IGP.
  3. Maybe the hard drive has bad sectors on it. If the bads are logical they can be fixed. If they are physical there is nothing you can do. I advise you to use HDD Sentinel to see what problem it reports and then you should wipe it with HDShredder. This software is a tiny utilitiy that allows you to erase all data on the hdd and in the same time it fixes the bad sectors and restores it's integrity. You must make it bootable on a CD or flash drive, and boot it when computer starts. All the best settings are chosen by default so you only have to press "Next". The operation is time eating because is a complex process and the duration depends on how big is your hard drive. And you should change the windows you used as well. Good luck.
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