GTA 4 with HD3870X2

I've been playing GTA4 and noticed that all settings aren't at the highest, you probably guest it - Texture Quality.
The ATI HD3870X2 is a card that uses 2 GPUs without needing a CrossFire Support.
My computer does have CrossFire support.
When I was buying this Graphics Card I bought it just because it's price - 2 of HD3870 would cost 400$ but this HD3870X2 cost only 260$.
I'm thinking to add another HD3870X2 and use it with CrossFire (2 GPUs x 2 GPUs = 4 GPUs ; max 4 GPUs) and I can't add any more cards, right? (I have 4 slots).
Will I be able to add this setting to High with the new setup?
- High requires 600MB of memory
- I will change the resolution from 1680x1050 to 1920x1080, new monitor.

If this is a bad setup and I won't be able to play GTA 4 at highest settings, then what card I should get(ATI) ?
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  1. The fact that you can't play at the highest settings has less to do with your computer, and more with a broken game. There is another thread here already talking about all the issues.

    Just wait and hopefully Rockstar will release a patch that will improve performance.
  2. i hear for gta4 its more about you cpu and less about your video card

    i have a q6600 and a 8800GTS (G80)640mb
    the game runs great, everything is maxed but for the texture quality
  3. Wait for a patch, and hopefully your performance will go up a lot, ive heard that people with gtx 280s haven't been able to max it out, the game is really broken.
  4. What kind of a bug it could be?
    And any proof about that it will be possible to play with highest settings?
    Can't imagine what kind of a mistake they made...

    And back to the topic about adding another card?
    I understand that memory won't just get bigger.
    Is micro-stuttering very noticable in this kind of a setup?

    Also I have a good CPU and I'm able to play GTA4 without any lags, just without High texture quality and I think I should be able to play this game with all the highest settings just without any restrictions.
  5. I don't think another HD3870x2 will help you much at high resolutions because they only have 512 MB of RAM for each core, which might not be sufficient, especially if you want AA.
  6. Isn't good performance at high resolution starting from high memory clock? (Sry, I don't know, just making sure).
    Any reports about playing GTA4 at 1080p with this card?

    ---------------------------------------------------------> a quote from guru3d
    Monitors and High Resolution Gaming.
    Ultra High resolution gaming is entirely possible, and exactly the reason you should be considering a multi-GPU system. Therefore it is essential that you consider your monitor, particlularly in the case of TFT's. Bare in mind that you really will not see the benifit of a SLI rig at this level running at anything less than 1600x1200, due to CPU limitation, and really the only advantage would be higher benchmark scores. All that power will just not be used on a 17" TFT with 1280x1024 native res, and i would consider a resolution of 1024x768 a complete waste!!!
    Basically, if you arent bothered about benchmarks, and can only run at a resolution no higher than 1280x1024, dont expect to be 'blown away'. Maybe consider a monitor upgrade and a single card in the short term, you can always add a second card down the line. Multi-GPU setups, including crossfire, and designed to be run at high resolutions, high detail settings, with AA and AF applied. Afterall, thats what you pay all that money for!

    Btw, the new monitor that I'm looking forward in buying is BENQ E2400HD (24", 1920x1080 with HDMI)
  7. OK, your not following...


    Is that plain enough for you?
  8. gta IV is broken, i doubt adding another hd 3870x2 will solve the problem, rockstar has to release a patch to fix it

    getting the monitor would be good though, the 3870x2 by itself can run games that are not broken at 1920x1080 pretty well
  9. B-Unit said:
    OK, your not following...


    Is that plain enough for you?

    like he said, the game itself is the cause of the performance problems
    you have more than enough power to run the game at full settings, but rockstar f*cked up
  10. I'm not upgrading just for GTA4, I want to add another card for a later game, because I can do that now and not later. Actually wanted to hear someone's opinion that has these 2 cards togheter. And im worried about the high resolution - maybe R* fixes the texture problem, but maybe there isn't anything to fix for high resolutions.
  11. i would upgrade to the 24" monitor for starters, see how well one 3870x2 works with whatever other games you are playing

    as for gta4.. the game itself is buggy, people with better cards than yourself cant run the game at high resolutions without performance tanking, so it is not a "texture problem", but a "rockstar you f*cked the port up" problem

    as for other games, most games dont scale well past two cards, which you technically already have, so if you want to get more gpu performance to go along with your 24" monitor, i would get a whole different card like a 4870x2 or 4850x2
  12. Ok, I will see how games work with that resolution.
    As for adding another card im worried about micro-stuttering and probably won't upgrade because of it. I would like to go to a newer card like the 4870X2, but I kinda wanna keep the old card, maybe there is a way 4870(not X2) + 3870X2?
  13. i believe you need a crossfireX board to do that and you cannot mix different generations or models, but like i said, most games dont benefit past two cards in crossfire or sli, so adding a third and fourth doesn't do much so best solution really is an X2 card

    get the monitor, see how well the 3870x2 works at 1920x1080 and then decide if you need to upgrade to a better single card solution such as 4850x2 or 4870x2, the 4000 series cards have way better AA and AF filtering performance, my single 3870 tanks if i turn on AA lol

    not sure why you are worried about micro stuttering, if it was that bad it would be apparent to you on your 3870x2 and a 4850x2 is the same thing except with more horsepower

    as for the old card, you can always sell the 3870x2 on ebay or something
  14. I don't see actually why could 4870X2 be better then CF 2X 4870, or simply a single 4870(if memory doesn't doulbe up) or is it the same?
    So lets see how the new monitor will act, maybe there is soneome who bought this monitor and could give a good word about it? :)
    But it should be good at the end anyway, otherwises I'm buying a new 4870X2 and giving this one to a friend that doesn't have a CF enabled MB and works with video editing(FullHD films).
    Oh, btw, maybe somone knows a good, cheap card for video editing (Pinnacle Studio), 3850 256MB is too slow.
  15. lol, you are asking a different question now dude

    one 4870x2 that has 1GB per gpu (2gb total), and two 4870s with 1GB each in crossfire, should perform similar, but why bother when you can get a one card solution? less cables to run, more free slots on your mobo, easier cooling required (cooling one card as opposed to two), and as you said no crossfire motherboard needed

    you asked in OP whether getting another 3870x2 to add to your EXISTING 3870x2 would be useful, and to that question i answered most likely not

    since one 3870x2 is crossfire on a board so to games it is like having two cards in crossfire for the most part

    adding another 3870x2 to the system would add a 3rd and 4th card and as i mentioned before, crossfire/sli doesnt scale well once you put in a 3rd card, not enough to justify the price at least, that is why i recommended you get the monitor first and use the 3870x2 that you already have with it and see how well it performs at 1920x1080, if it does well then hey no need to upgrade, if not, then 4850x2 or 4870x2 are good upgrade choices

    as for video editing, that is mostly dependent on your CPU, not the graphics card, so a CPU upgrade would probably be a better bet and/or hard drives and/or memory

    the monitor you are looking at, there is a review here

    you can check this link to get reviews on even more monitors
  16. I WANT THE UPDATE :kaola:
  17. gta 4 really wants quad core for the best performance
  18. 955 X4 @3.5Ghz Stock VID, 4850 512mb CF. You can play all max for the exception of one of the "draw distance" ( and High Textures ) . Do not upgrade because GTA4.

    Like said before, and ill confirm again, it is a broken game.
  19. Q9650 3Ghz 12Mb L2 Cache.
    2 * 2 Go DDR2 PC6400 Dual-Channel
    F**KING ASUS GTX 295

    Nothing to do, i tried to launch "launchgtaiv.exe" -nomemrestricts -norestrictions

    Nuffing to do =(

    Hope Rockstar will Rock again soon !
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