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Please Help, 955 BE C3 trouble!

everyone says I should be able to get 4+ghz with this revision but I cannot get past 3.8 without benchmark blue screens, no matter what i throw at it. And the people who say they achieve higher NEVER say exactly what all thier voltages are set at. If anyone could help me please please do. I can hit 4.3 with just normal operation and some gaming but with prime95 i get an immediate blue screen, thank you for reading this and I hope to be hearing from you soon. Just some specs on what I have

ASUS Crosshair III
955 BE C3 Revision
All air cool stock except a 4k rpm squirrel cage inlet (MASSIVE AIR FLOW)
XFX 5770
Patriot BE 1600 MGHZ ddr3
WD Cav Black 1TB
Corsair 650W
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  1. I don't think I could help you, I have no idea how to overclock AMD CPUs. But, there are three pieces of information which you can provide to help others help you solve your problem.

    What is your CPU Voltage?
    What cooler are you using?
    What are the temps of your CPU?
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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Not all the people can get the 4GHz with the same specifications, I can get the 3.8 with 1.44V and x19 in the multiplier, but my mobo is a K9A2 Platinum and my 955 is a C2.
    2- Are you OC from the BIOS or from AMD Overdrive?
    3- Do you have the last BIOS version?
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