Quick ATI drivers question.

HI, I haven't updated my drivers for my 2900xt since about march 2008 (8.3 drivers), I heard that ati implemented (A WHILE BACK)something that we do not need to uninstall the old drivers anymore, and we can download the new drivers, and they take care of the auto removal, is that true?

So can I just download the 8.12 drivers and install them without removing the old ones as we used to do it before?
btw, was there much of in improvement since 8.3? ...for the 2900xt?

Thank You for the information.
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  1. o.ok thank You for the information, I asked since usually i had to uninstall the drivers first, and since i have a tv tuner from ati, the drivers were shared(partially)

    so i basically have to use the uninstall option first, then the install option, is that correct?

    Thank You
  2. on the last install from ATI it removed all old drivers for a fresh install. Thought that was a nice bonus.
  3. Cool, thx for the info, so i guess i don't have to use the "Drive cleaner Pro" ;)
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